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Naung Lone Bridge¡]Myanmar¡^
TaiShe ZhiShanYuan New Construction Project¡]Taiwan¡^
Ta Nin Thar Yi Bridge¡]Myanmar¡^
Tha Mouk Lut Lut Bridge¡]Myanmar¡^
Kyun Pyat That Bridge¡]Myanmar¡^
Saw Ke Chaung Birdge¡]Myanmar¡^
Ben Luc-Long Thanh Expressway Project- Package J1 Lot2¡]Vietnam¡^
Woods Square¡]Singapore¡^
Pin Lae Lay Bridge¡]Myanmar¡^
Taipei Myeongryun public housing community project¡]Taiwan¡^
Nant Ma Tu Bridge¡]Myanmar¡^
Pathein Bridge¡]Myanmar¡^
Kaohsiung Light Rail Transit Turn-Key Project (Phase II)¡]Taiwan¡^
Quang Trung Bridge¡]Myanmar¡^
Proposed New Erection of a Single User 5¡ÐStorey FactorySingapore¡]Singapore¡^
Attayan Bridge¡]Myanmar¡^
Tam Tien Bridge¡]Vietnam¡^
Beitou-Linung Congregate Housing  New Construction Project¡]Taiwan¡^
Qihai Cutural Park New Construction Project¡]Taiwan¡^
Jun Ding machinery Project¡]Taiwan¡^
Taichung City Urban Land Consolidation Project (Phase 14)
Integrated Care Hub at Healthcity Novena ¡]Singapore¡^
LINK BRIDGE 19 storey community hospital¡]Singapore¡^
Calumpang Bridge #3¡]Philippines¡^
Si Nin Kha Bridge¡]Myanmar¡^
Da Yu Kha Bridge¡]Myanmar¡^
Taung Dar Ya Bridge¡]Myanmar¡^
Tain Nyo Bridge¡]Myanmar¡^
Ben Luc-Long Thanh Expressway Project- Package J1¡]Vietnam¡^
Kaohsiung Erren Creek Concervancy Project
Naung Lone Bridge¡]Myanmar¡^
Myaung Mya Bridge¡]Myanmar¡^
Woods Square¡]Singapore¡^
Myoe Soe Bridge¡]Myanmar¡^
Tanjung Jati B Expansion (Jawa-4) Coal Fired Steam Power Plant 2x1,000 MW¡]Indonesia¡^
Pa Let Wa Bridge¡]Myanmar¡^
2018 Taichung Flora Exposition - Waipu Park 
Errenxi Water Project
No.9 Provincial Road 408K+140~409K+900 Improvement Project
Ben Luc-Long Thanh Expressway Project- Package A4¡]Vietnam¡^
Kyat Sin Bridge¡]Myanmar¡^
Sat Yoe Kya Bridge¡]Myanmar¡^
Nga Moe Yeik Bridge¡]Myanmar¡^
No.9 Provincial Road 253K+680¡ã260K+150 Broadening Project
Central Taiwan Science Park - Keyuan 1st Rd Access Road Project
Nant Myit Kha Bridge¡]Myanmar¡^
Ha Long-Van Don Expressway, Can Bridge¡]Vietnam¡^
No.19 Xuanwu Bridge Reconstruction Project
Linkou Buildings New Construction Project
Tainan Art Museum 
No.17 Provincial Road Mai Yu Tsuo Bridge Reconstruction Project
No.9 Provincial Road 426K+000~432K+832 Improvement Project
No.9 Provincial Road 408K+140~409K+900 Improvement Project
Dung Shr - Feng Yuan Expressway No.4
Condominium Project in Da Shi District
Wen Chiuan Bridge Reconstructoin Project
Central Taiwan Science Park - Westward Access Road
Nan Shan Plaza
Central Mekong Delta Connectivity Project Package CW2B¡]Vietnam¡^
No. 20 Line 96K+450-101K+500 Reconstruction Project
No. 65 Line Tucheng Interchange Ramp Project
Ha Long-Van Don Expressway, Cam Hai-Van Don Section¡]Vietnam¡^
Ha Long-Van Don Expressway, XDCT07 package¡]Vietnam¡^
Ha Long-Van Don Expressway, Cam Y Bridge¡]Vietnam¡^
Shuang Yuan Water Pumping Station Cross Over Bridge
Wanhua Railway Station BOT Sky Bridge
Central Mekong Delta Connectivity CW1C¡]Vietnam¡^
Kingmen Bridge
Light Rail Transit, Kaohsiung Metropolitan Area Mass Rapid Transit System
No.6 Bamboo Bridge 30K+900 Improvement Project
Dianbaoxi (A¡BB) Bridge Reconstruction Project
Sky Bridge of Century Twin Tower, Taichung City
Namasa District New Construction Project
Keelung River Scenic Bridge
Da Jya Bridge
Zhu Mu Bridge
No.19 Line New City Bridge Reconstruction Project
Link Birdge¡]Singapore¡^
Singapore General Hospital-Link Bridge ¡]Singapore¡^
Wenshui Bridge, Maoli County
Metropolitan Taichung Project - No. CCL431
Qishan Landscape Bridge Improvement Project
Line No. 113 
Nangong Alley Agricultural Road (Second Revision)
Pot Beairng Replacement project on Jieng Guo Birdge 
Dadu Road Guizikeng River Water Pipe Bridge
No.8 Shenzhen branch line Improvement Project
Overpass Bridge on the West side of Hwa Chung Bridge  
Taima Lixi Lawan Bridge Construction Project
Lemah Ireng II Project (Indonesia)
Provincial Road (0K+600~2K+250) Improvement Project
New Construction of Annan Hospital, Tainan City (BOT)
Road No.1 32K+890 (I La Bridge)
Line No. 124 
No. C903 of Widening Project of Wugu-Yangmei section of National Freeway No.1
National Chengchi University Yiwen Waterfront Landscape Elevator Project
Xinzhuang Village Steel Bridge Project 
Parik Kelapa Sawit Hapesong Kap. 30Ton TBS/Jam¡]Indonesia¡^
No. 31~No. 66¡]0K+000~5K+100¡^ Reconstruction Project


No.WH53B of Western Coast Expressway
No.WH53-1 of Western Coast Expressway
No. 9 Guanmiao  Crossing Bridge Restoration Project
Zhenyi Bridge Restoration Project 
Forest Railway 23K Bridge Engineering
Furen Bridge Reconstruction Project
Morakot wind disaster 149  line to Kyrgyzstan bridge
No. 27  Nanhua Bridge Reconstruction Project
No. 17  Donggang Bridge Reconstruction Project
Madou Drainage Xizhou Bridge Reconstruction Project
No.133 New Bridge 6K+300~500 Reconstruction Project
Water Resources Recycling Center Construction Project
No. 20  78K+987 Jianshan Second Bridge Reconstruction Project


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